Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

The purpose of this blog is to have honest conversations about religions, and the impact they have on our society (and minds).

Like a large percentage of religious people, I was born into it. Your religious preference is determined greatly by where you live, and the social component is a major factor. I was born a California Baptist, all my relatives were Baptists, and to a large extent – my friends were Baptists. In my eyes, and in my “world”, all the stories were true. Adam and Eve were real people, Moses actually got the 10 Commandments from God, Jesus was coming back soon, etc.

It wasn’t until later in my life that I began to question why I believed all of this. Prayer was about as reliable as a coin flip, miracles could be explained by science – so where was the proof? The more I looked over the stories, the more holes I found. The more adults I found saying, “Well, it’s not to be taken so literally”. The Bible (as the perfect word of God) was being edited down to fit into a changing society. The dogma no longer made any sense, and due to an overwhelming amount of evidence against it, I have turned away from it as “truth”.

I hope to explore in detail, some of that evidence I have discovered.